Pacific Risk Solutions offers a wide range of Independent Risk Management and Alternative Risk Insurance related services.  These services include the following:

I.   Captive Insurance Consulting Services:

  • Feasibility and Formation of Captive Insurance and Alternative Risk Programs (U.S. and International)
  • Preparation of Captive Insurance Applications for Insurance Departments
  • Preparation and Review of Business Plan Amendments for Captive Insurance Programs
  • Independent Captive Director for Captive Insurance Programs
  • Liquidation and Run-Off of Captive Insurance Companies

II.  Captive Insurance Management Related Services:

  • Management of Captive Insurance Programs – Most Domiciles
  • Financial Statement Preparation – GAAP, SAP and IAS
  • NAIC Quarterly and Annual Statement Preparation
  • State Premium Tax Return Preparation
  • Risk Retention Group State Registrations
  • Budgeting and Pro-Forma Financial Statement Preparation

III. Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance with Insurance related Statutes
  • Regulatory Compliance with Insurance related administrative Rules

IV.  Insurance Review and Feasibility Services:

  • Independent Operational reviews of Insurance and Alternative Risk Management Programs
  • Feasibility of Self-Insured and Captive Insurance Programs
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Enterprise Risk Management

V.  Self-Insurance Services:

  • Formation of Self-Insurance Programs
  • Ongoing management of Self-Insurance Programs

Pacific Risk Solutions offers two fee structures for our clients, an hourly rate or a per project rate, plus applicable Excise Tax.  The fee structure is negotiable based on the type of project and the services requested for completion of the project. Prior to performing any services, we will enter into a written contract that will clarify all services to be performed and agreed upon by both parties.